8 Things You Need to STOP if You Want Healthy Nails

Getting healthier nails in today’s world is not an easy task. The right diet plans and using halal nail polish might give you an edge. However, there’s still a lot going on right now that you might not be aware of. People usually do stuff just because everyone around them is doing it and it feels right. However, sometimes when you dig a little deeper into that, you realize how wrong you have been and you didn’t even know.

If you want to know such things about your nails and what you might be doing wrong, this is just the place! Nails were never hard to maintain because they’re an embodiment of what’s going on inside your body. Since ages, with all the natural foods and leafy vegetables, we have been able to maintain our bodies completely. However, with the recent shift in eating habits and diet changes, it has become super hard to understand what is right and what isn’t in terms of maintaining your body health and nails.

This leads to people trusting in everything they see and often, following the wrong tactics for the wrong reasons. That is why, here we have organized a list to help you through this and burst your bubbles about various things that you have been doing thinking they are great for your nails when in reality, they aren’t.

1.  STOP Chopping Off Your Cuticles

Just like nails are there to protect your fingertips, the cuticles are there to protect your nails from dirt. They are also responsible for maintaining their stability and helping them withstand certain situations. Cutting them off has become a trend recently and needless to say, is super damaging to your new nails. So stop cutting them off. You can clean them, wash them, and hydrate them, but cutting them off completely was never supposed to be an option.

2.  STOP Moisturizing All the Time

Moisturizing your hands, nails, and body is good but as you must know, the excess of anything is bad. Some people think keeping your nails wet with a moisturizer all the time is the way to go. In fact, the reality is the complete opposite. Use moisturizers, serums or other nail products as needed. If you have healthy nails already, applying these products every other day is more than enough. When you use excessive products, it starts giving opposite results as the substances in them can react with your nails and eat them away slowly. 

3.  STOP Dipping Your Nails in Nail Polish

What we mean by this is not to have nail polish on all the time. Just like everything else, your nails also deserve rest. Give them a break in between, take care of them, moisturize them, use serums, hydrate them, and then you can go back to your routine as usual. If you will never let your nails breathe, they will just end up chipping off with time. Using breathable nail polish in your daily routine can help you to a great extent in this regard.

4.  STOP Ignoring What Your Nails Have to Say

Never ignore the changes happening in your nail beds. The white or random spots, the yellow colors, the dark lunula; all of these things are supposed to be the indications of what’s happening inside. You see, your nails work as windows that can help you peek inside your body. So whenever there are some changes or random spots, you must take action and regulate your diet and nails’ schedule accordingly.

5.  STOP Doing Water Tasks with Bare Hands

You must take precautions if you regularly do dishes, laundry, or any other tasks where your hands are constantly exposed to water. Either wear gloves or use other mediums so you can avoid your nails being wet all the time. The water causes brittleness and softness. As a result, your nails are more prone to breakage. That is why, you must avoid doing any water tasks with bare hands.

6.  STOP Keeping Longer Nails Just to Show Around

If you are not really a fan of super long nails but are just keeping them for the sake of fashion, you need to change that. You might be unaware of this fact but longer nails are more prone to damage and they break off a lot more frequently as compared to medium-sized or shorter nails. Plus, you will be stunned at how easy it is to maintain normal-sized nails as compared to the long ones. 

7.  STOP Avoiding Nail Care Treatments

You cannot treat everything with a diet nowadays since even the veggies are not as natural as they say it is. That is why you need supplements, vitamins, and other essential stuff to keep your body and nails healthy. Other than these, incorporating different nail care treatments into your routine can be a great plus. People usually think they are not good enough or are not worth it. However, the reality is the complete opposite. Just like skincare products, nail care treatments offer a lot too. They keep your nails hydrated, strengthen them, and make them look prettier day by day.

8.  STOP Not Taking Nail’s Health Seriously

Visiting a doctor for your nails should not sound as unusual as it does now. You should normalize going to doctors to get your nails checked in case you notice any abnormalities. As we mentioned before, never avoid the changes that your nails show as they are your eyes to see what is going on inside. And in case you keep seeing regular or drastic changes in your nails, it will become evident to visit a doctor about it and seriously discuss everything.

Summing Up!

People now start following every other person they see on the internet. You must know not everything you see is the truth. Most of those things are made up to promote fake products or attract an audience. That is why thorough research should always be done before you get your hands on any new tactic. Moreover, whenever you feel the need to change your nail routine, the first thing you need to do is shift to vegan nail polish instead of regular ones. With no harmful materials in them, they are a lot better.

Hope our guide helped you do that!